United Way's Giving Strategy Focused on Broader Impact

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Speaking on 90.3's the Sound of Ideas, United Way President Bill Kitson said spreading a finite amount of money evenly among a wide swath of organizations doesn't necessarily bring the kinds of change the community needs.

Kitson says United Way's giving has become more targeted, and organizations are held to delivering measurable results.

KITSON: "While this United Way has made tremendous strides in making sure that your contribution is doing great things at an agency by asking for outcomes, delivering results, making sure those measures are consistent, and agencies are delivering, we now need to tie those outcomes together to create community outcomes, so that we can actually see the change and be a part of that change."

Kitson says that streamlining their donations will encourage more agencies to team up so they can make a stronger impact in the region.

He also says he wants to hear from the community first about how to best prioritize those funding efforts.


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