New Website Allows Voters To Update Voter Registration

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Voters can now go to a website….My Ohio Vote dot com….and they can change their address and update their voter registration. And Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted says voters can start using the website now

Husted - The online voter change of address system will make it easier for voters to meet their responsibility and if they do, they can vote a regular ballot rather than a provisional ballot. Now I want to hit this point very hard that I’m about to make because it is very important. Why does this matter? Had this system been in place during the 2008 presidential election, it’s estimated that 130,000 voters who cast a provisional ballot could have taken advantage of this and cast a regular ballot which is about 65% of the provisional ballots cast in the election.

The Ohio Democratic Party’s Jerid Kurtz says he’s not against Husted making it easier to update registrations. But he’s concerned, because of the way it works, voters could find automatic updates to their registrations in areas where they hadn’t intended. And Kurtz says if Husted really wanted to make it easy for voters to vote, he would support efforts to bring back the three days of in person voting before election day.


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